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Hello! Before you make a review please read this page to help you understand how our store works. Thank you! ❤

Shipping, Fees & Multiple Orders
※ Preorder means that the item is ready for production but is not yet available for shipping. We estimate the number of stocks to order based on the preorder count. Please be aware of this when signing up for preorders. Don't expect your orders to be shipped within a week when it's still a Preorder item.
※ Shipping time depends on each country's post office. Please do not blame it on us if there will be delays. Thank you!
※ Shipping fees are calculated via Japan Post Official Homepage. Since we do not know the final exact weight we try to keep the allowance to a minimum.
※ In case of a big difference from the charged shipping fee and actual shipping fee that we are aware of prior to shipping, we will issue refunds. When we ship items we do it in batches, we only get a receipt of the total amount so we are not able to confirm how much the exact price of shipping per order is. We hope for your understanding on this matter.
※ If you make multiple orders and wish them to be shipped together please include a note and we will refund you the extra shipping fee.
※ Ukiyo is an online store owned by Himitsu (Himi☆) but it is currently maintained by The Big Friend Crew. (Himi, Nachi and Serin)
※ Packaging and shipping will be done by Nachi and Serin while everything else will be done by Himi. Your orders will be shipped from one of two prefectures in Japan but the return address used will be the same as the previous orders.
※ If you have any feedback please let us know so we can improve our service! Thank you!

Item Reservations
※ If you wish to reserve items and merge it with a future one, it is possible. Simply make the order and include a note to put it on hold until new items are available for preorder. When you make the second order, we will sship your items together and refund you the first shipping fee upon shipment.

Item Prices
※ Prices of items are based on the costs of initial production to packaging.
※ All items are ordered and purchased in Japan, and the cost is often higher than buying it abroad. But considering the shipping time and shipping fee we decided to just buy most of our materials locally.
※ As much as possible we try to include freebies in each order. The bigger the order, the more freebies we put. We hope that you will like them. Freebies will change from time to time.



If you get a notice saying we don't ship to your country, kindly send Himi an email so we can fix it.
We can ship to anywhere in the world as far as we know based on Japan Post's website. We just need to add the country manually.

If you would like to avail of the Registered Mail option, please add the Registered Mail product to you cart. This will allow us to provide you a tracking number. Otherwise, in case of a lost item, we will not be able to track it for you. Please do note that shipments forwarded to the post office are no longer under our hands. We hope for your understanding on this matter.

We will try to find the best way to package your orders to keep the shipping cost as low as we can.
We will appreciate it if you can show us a photo of the parcel once you get them and let us know what you think. (*´ω`*)

For DOMESTIC ORDERS (within Japan) worth 70 USD+

Contact: thebigfriendcrew@gmail.com