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Hello! And welcome to my store.
I'm Himitsu (Himi) and I love drawing. (+BL and seiyuu)
I wanted to try making and selling merchandise using my own artworks to help support myself.
I will be offering acrylic charms and sticker sets to start off.
In the future, I hope to offer buttons and prints as well.
I hope you'll find something to take home from my store.
Thank you for visiting!
This store is currently maintained by The Big Friend Crew!
(Himi, Nachi and Serin)

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All orders will be shipped from Japan.
Please read Shipping & Prices and Store Policies for questions you might have.
Otherwise, you can send me an email or a message here on Tictail. 
Free shipping for orders within Japan worth 70 USD+

Email: thebigfriendcrew@gmail.com

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